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Customers from Vietnam Visit Our Company
The purchasing manager of a well-known enterprise in Vietnam visits our shale shaker and vacuum degasser workshop and speaks highly of the superb technology...
More 2017-05-11
New Type Shale Shaker’s Features
In 2015, a multi-frequency shale shaker appears in the OTC market. Shale shaker can use 50 multi-frequency vibration oil the drilling fluid for purification...
More 2017-05-11
Welcome of Visit of Russian Client tos Zhongshi for Air Cannon
After about two weeks communication of Air Cannons,our company has got the order of the Russian cement plant of the high temperature resistance Air Cannon...
More 2017-05-11
Turkmenistan foreign customer Come to Zhongshi Group for business discussing
Yesterday (July 20, 2016) A representative, representative of an oil company in Turkmenistan came to visit our factory, and was quite satisfied with our company and the high performance products...
More 2017-05-11
New solid control equipment to improve stopping of leakage
For some companies, they may be reluctant to consider the use of new solid controlled equipment and technology. Dr. Robinson urged them...
More 2017-05-11
Our Overseas Business of Air Cannon Gets a Further Development
A few days ago, Puyang Zhongshi Group smoothly signs the contract of air cannon with customer from Vietnam and both come to a preliminary agreement of long term corporation.
More 2017-05-05
Zhongshi Group The Regular Clients Visiting
Canadian clients are visiting Zhongshi Group, who are our company’s regular customers for 5 years, the annual placing orders in our company.
More 2017-05-05
Zhongshi Group Cementing Dust Tank Is Sent to Sudan
Cementing dust tank is a filter dust removal equipment, when the cement flue gas through the filter layer, the air flow of dust particles are blocked and captured by the filter layer in order to achieve gas-solid separation.
More 2017-05-05
Customers from Vietnam Sign the Contract of Air cannon
After one week’s technical communication and drawing confirmation,the purchasing manager from a large cement factory in Vietnam signs the purchases and sales contract with our company and visits us afterwards.
More 2017-05-05