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New Type Shale Shaker’s Features
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In 2015, a multi-frequency shale shaker appears in the OTC market. Shale shaker can use 50 multi-frequency vibration oil the drilling fluid for purification. This Shale shaker through the use of mining industry "exciter" produced by the different frequencies and amplitudes to achieve high-speed changes in vibration speed, so that vibrating screen mesh vibration force doubled. In order to promote the development of solid control equipment towards the direction of automation, the design of the vibrating screen has two characteristics. First, the use of ultrasonic sensors to achieve real-time data measurement; Second, the vibrating screen can be self-control operation, without human intervention.

These features are being rolled on with other advanced technologies to meet the needs of the current and future deeper and longer horizontal drilling, as well as the economic need to achieve further cost savings by increasing the recovery of drilling fluids and sifting out more dry cuttings. As with most of the industry's technological innovations, the challenge is an important impetus for applying these new technologies to the field. One developed at ExxonMobil
"People are taking a variety of major technological breakthroughs and taking a big step away from the laboratory's proven technology," said Dr. Leon Robinson, a former research consultant who worked for 39 years. "
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